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  1. You can enhance your CTR by providing a keyword-rich Amazon URL directly to potential customers when you do a product launch.
  • You can enhance your CTR by providing a keyword-rich Amazon URL directly to potential customers when you do a product launch.
  • You can enhance your CTR by providing a keyword-rich Amazon URL directly to potential customers when you do a product launch.You can enhance your CTR by providing a keyword-rich Amazon URL directly to potential customers when you do a product launch.

    Module Nine
    Ratios: Feedback

    Feedback and its benefits in Amazon SEO will be discussed in detail in this module. There are two types of feedback: seller-based feedback and product feedback.

    Seller-based feedback is based on how good, ethical, and competent you are as a vendor. Now, Amazon doesn’t make it an easy process to leave seller feedback and it can be difficult to work out how to do it. Instead, product feedback becomes the catch-all feedback for not only the product but also the seller feedback too. This is interesting because Amazon places a lot of weight on seller feedback when it comes to SEO. Therefore, you must be soliciting seller-based feedback at least as much as you are soliciting product feedback.

    On the other hand, you will tend to get product feedback almost by accident. You’ll get product feedback even if you don’t do anything at all. But you want to be soliciting seller feedback because it matters in SEO.

    The following steps outline how you can leave seller feedback:

    1. Go to Your Account, then click on Your Orders.
    1. Find your order item.
    1. Click on Leave Seller Feedback.
    1. Complete the form and click Submit Feedback.

    As you may have figured by now, Amazon is a popularity contest. Purchasers love Amazon because of the social-proof aspect of shopping that it provides. They reason that if X number of people ordered this product and had a good experience with it, then it’s likely that they will too.

    As such, poor reviews will kill your business faster than just about anything. If a lot of people have given your product poor reviews, then it stands to reason that people won’t order it because they fear that they will also have a poor experience.

    SEO benefits of seller feedback:

    Seller-based feedback for a ranking in the SERPs has a limited effect. However, when it comes to another part of the SERPs, it has a huge effect. If you are selling a product that has multiple vendors providing it, then you want to win something called the “buy box”. The buy box is the section on the right of the product listing page that contains the “add to cart” button. The buy box also lists the name of the person or company who sells the product. In other words, this person or company has “won” the buy box and gets 90% of the orders for that product.

    Underneath, there is a list of three other people or companies that sell the same product but are not in the buy box position. These people will get the remaining 10% of the product orders. Following the list, there is a link to see even more vendors of the product whose names don’t even get a mention on the product listing page.

    In general terms, winning the buy box mostly comes down to price. But the seller feedback and FBA are also important factors that are taken into consideration.

    On the page that list all the vendors of the product, the price, delivery, seller information, buyer options, and feedback rating are all available. Listings that have feedback of over 90% have a positive impact, whereas listings with feedback below 90% have a negative impact. However, it seems that if FBA is available for only one product and that product has a feedback rating of less than 90%, that product may be placed at the top of the list of vendors. So, clearly, FBA is a big ranking factor and possibly beats everything else when it comes to winning the buy box.

    SEO benefits of product feedback:

    Product feedback is also very important – even more so because of the visibility Amazon gives it on the SERPs. It’s very easy to choose a product based on good reviews and lots of people do just that.

    Product reviews are important in SEO because:

    1. You get extra keywords on the product page because of the reviews.
    1. How recent the reviews are affect the rating.
    1. Anything with a rating of over four stars is treated the same for SEO purposes.
    1. Anything with a rating of under four stars is penalised.

    From an SEO point of view, reviews allow us to insert additional secondary keywords onto the product listing page, which greatly affects your product rating. So, you should be using the services of great reviewers on Amazon – the ones that write longer reviews with more keywords in them. If you’re going to get reviews, you might as well get good reviews.

    Amazon has previously shown that it places greater emphasis on recent reviews than it does on older reviews. This means that a product that has a thousand old reviews but not many recent ones will be moved down the SERPs in favour of similar products using the same keyword with new reviews. Now, that is beneficial because it means that new vendors on Amazon are not disadvantaged and are able to get their products to the top of the SERPs by having product launches.

    Amazon wants engaged sellers and it wants to know that the product that you’re selling is good right now – not last year – and it makes sense this way so that you can rank your product and get to the top spot on Amazon.

    The downside to this is that you have to actively solicit reviews as a major part of your ongoing marketing strategy. You can’t just do it and forget about it – it has to be done on a regular, ongoing basis. You have to continue to get reviews. But if you do that, Amazon will reward you by letting you maintain the top spot that you’ve worked so hard to get.


    1. Seller feedback is most important for winning the buy box.
    1. Product reviews are one of the first things that people look at when considering a product to buy.
    1. Product reviews allow additional keywords to be added to your product page.
    1. From an SEO perspective, as long as you have at least four stars, you’re at no disadvantage to somebody who’s got five stars.

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